Wheeler Historic Farm Photographer Hicks Family

November 1, 2020 Photography

Wheeler Historic Farm has so much variety and is so beautiful. There is a pond, tons of trees, a bridge, a barn, grassy areas, and other fun buildings! Its really a cute area.

Daybreak Lake Photography Madison + John

September 22, 2020 Photography

A little look at bridal pictures done at Daybreak lake after pictures at the temple.

Baby Sage Utah Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

March 22, 2020 Photography

Baby Sage is the cutest thing you'll ever see! I was so happy to meet her after photographing her family when she was in mom's tummy.

Salt Lake Wedding Photographer Ashlee + Joey

March 6, 2020 Photography

The leaves were so beautiful during fall. I have never see them so vibrant. Salt Lake in the fall is such a beautiful place for wedding pictures.

Norahs Personality Portraits Salt Lake Utah Photographer

March 1, 2020 Photography

I love doing personality portraits! Its usually for a birthday! This one was in Salt Lake City at the Capitol Building during Spring when their beautiful cherry blossoms are blooming!