Non-Refundable Initial Payments

How much is the initial payment?

Why are your initial payments non-refundable?
In the case that you cancel your shoot, the $50 covers my time up to the shoot including any location scouting, emailing and communication before, and holding your date which is no longer available to other clients. The initial payment is just to keep cancelations to a minimum.

Is there ever a time that the initial payment IS refundable?
If a cancelation of your shoot is necessary (family emergency, bad weather, sickness, etc.) we will try our best to reschedule sometime with in one year but preferably as soon as possible. If, for some reason, a reschedule is NOT possible, I will refund the initial payment.

Does the $50 go toward my final cost?
Yes! This is not an additional cost. Just an upfront payment and comes out of the entire balance. The remaining is due the day of the shoot.

We booked for a family of 4, but now we want an extended family session instead. Do I lose my initial payment?
No! We can switch your session if needed. Just be aware that switching the type of session will probably change the price, and your remaining balance may go up.