Teya + Curtis Mount Timpanogos Temple Wedding Photographer

February 8, 2020 Photography

Here are Teya + Curtis's Wedding pictures at the Mount Timpanogos Temple! I love these summer weddings and can't wait for warmer weather again!

Mount Timpanogos Temple Bridals Teya + Curtis

February 7, 2020 Photography

We shot Teya and Curtis's bridal session at the Mount Timpanogos Temple before their wedding day. That always makes the wedding less stressful and you get way better lighting!

American Fork Utah Wedding Photographer Melanie + Jaxon Mount Timpanogos Utah TempleWedding

February 2, 2020 Photography

Melanie + Jaxon were so great to work with. I loved getting to know them during their engagements, bridals and wedding.

Alexa + Logan Mount Timpanogos LDS Wedding Photography

December 4, 2019 Photography

I love shooting weddings at the Mount Timpanogos LDS Temple in American Fork Utah.