Baby Cru In Home Newborn Photographer

April 2, 2020 Photography

We got some beautiful shots of this baby boy! Cru is so loved by his 2 brothers. I love the outfit choices they went with. You can never go wrong with a neutral color palette.

Baby Sage Utah Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

March 22, 2020 Photography

Baby Sage is the cutest thing you'll ever see! I was so happy to meet her after photographing her family when she was in mom's tummy.

Personality Portraits Utah Children Photographer

March 21, 2020 Photography

You know when your kids have that hilarious smile they make when they see a camera? Or their go-to silly face? Or their favorite toy, funny quirk, cutest smile, dimples or teeth? And you think, "I just want to always remember that."

Baby Howell Utah County Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

March 10, 2020 Photography

The Howell's baby is here! Look how adorable he is. He was born right around Christmas Time which is why we took some with their Elf On The Shelf! I LOVED that idea!

In Home Portraits Utah Children Portraits Photographer

March 8, 2020 Photography

I love doing in-home portraits of kids! Get them dressed and ready, and cleaning the house isnt even necessary.