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Family Picture Tips

Family Pictures can be stressful! Its especially hard on mom! Here are some tips to help everything go smoother.

1. Eat Before - Kids will not do well when they are hungry!
2. Bring snacks but NOT candy - For toddlers or really young kids. It just keeps them happy! Older kids do not need snacks. Just remember to keep them non-messy, like cheerios or pretzels. Chocolate and candy is a NO GO! They become obsessed with these and the whole session becomes about crying for the candy.
3. Dress for the weather - If its cold, please don't bring your kids in a short skirt, or short sleeves, or even just a little cardigan. They will not like that and it will make everything harder! Layer up on clothes and get some cute jackets that go well with your outfits. In the summer, make sure no one will be too hot with boots or pants.
4. Play and have fun - I have heard kids tell me that taking pictures was SO MUCH FUN! Because their parents were playing with them and happy! Make this a fun memory for them, not one that they get yelled at for not smiling. Then next year they will be excited to do it again!
5. Don't let your kids fall asleep in the car - 90% of the time that kids fall asleep, it takes them at least a half hour to wake up and be ready for pictures. That means the first 30 minutes of your session when kids are usually the happiest, will be spent trying to make them happy.
6. Smile even when your kids aren't - That way when they do smile, you are already smiling! Also, kids will feed off of your energy and if they see you grumpy, they will be too.
7. Offer a bribe - It helps with kids over the age of 3 in place of snacks! Offer them a treat somewhere, a dollar, going somewhere fun, or even just a dollar store toy, or something else you know they would love.

I hope those tips help you prepare for your family photography session with me so everything goes smoothly!

I loved photographing this family. They lived really far away, like 2 hours away! I drove to their house and we did the pictures on their property. I thought that was so fun and unique, it definitely was worth the drive! My normal service range is within utah county and salt lake county.

Utah County Family Photographer - Family Picture Tips
Utah County Family Photographer - Family Picture Tips

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