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Summer Extended Family Photography
Tibble Fork Photographer

Tibble Fork in American fork canyon is a great location for extended family pictures. There are fences and big rocks, plus it is a large area so its easy to find a great spot to layer for larger families.

Tibble Fork Reservoir, Utah

It takes about 15 minutes to get to this location from the base of the canyon. There is a $10 entrance fee per car. You can park in the parking lot, and from there walk to each spot. There are tons of locations to shoot at here, so even when its crowded, you can find places to go. Even if you have members of the family who have a hard time walking, there are still spots easy to get to for them. On one side of the lake there are tall trees that give a woodsy look. On the other side you have pretty mountain and lake views. There is a field, and fence. You can also do some down by the water or further up the road there is just field and views of mountains without the lake and without the people!

Utah Summer Extended Family Photographer

I loved photographing this extended family. They were so kind! We went to 2 different spots for variety in backgrounds. Since this was such a large group, and a few older people, I decided that 2 spots was enough. We were able to get multiple of the whole group, as well as each individual family and some smaller groups within each family!

Summer Extended Family Photography - Tibble Fork Photographer

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