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Provo Canyon Wild Flowers
Utah Summer Family Photography

This location in Provo Canyon can be a little difficult to get to. You have to drive on a very bumpy, dirt road for about 15 minutes. It will make your car really dirty! Its worth it though if you are looking for tall grasses in big open meadows and stunning mountain views, and in the summer - wild flowers!

In early summer you can find so many pretty wild flowers here. These were taken in July and we barely caught the tail end of them! So probably end of May to June, maybe early July, would be the best months if you want the flowers!

Family photography is so important. Freezing these moments in time when your kids are little, or big, to create memories that last forever, is just something that can't be replaced. I love to capture little details so you can remember things about them forever, even after they are grown and moved away. Luckily, family photography in Utah offers so many gorgeous locations, especially in Provo Canyon.

I also love to take a few minutes at the end of our family photography session to get just mom and dad together. Its important for the two of you to have some updated new pictures of you. You are the reason your family exits! We should be celebrating that.

Provo Canyon Wild Flowers - Utah Summer Family Photography

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