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Extended Family Pictures

I loved photographing this family and was so excited when McKenzie asked me to do their extended family pictures again! This spot was perfect! I previously worked with her for her husband's extended family pictures, so I was thrilled when she contacted me again because she loved my work so much the first time.

Orem Utah Family Photography

This location in Orem, Utah is absolutely gorgeous with a mix of lake, tall golden grass and amazing mountain views. These pictures were taken in November, before snowfall and after all the leaves had fallen. We had a warm November this past year so this family got away with short sleeves!

This spot has a gravel parking lot, and you do need to walk down a flight of stairs to access the beach area. Or there is a ramp if you need wheelchair access, however the area is sand so it would be near impossible to push a wheelchair on it. Extended family photography sessions at this location gives us a lot of variety in a smaller area so its perfect for bigger families.

Orem Utah Photographer - Extended Family Pictures
Orem Utah Photographer - Extended Family Pictures

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