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Late Summer Family Pictures
South Utah County Photographer

South Utah County Family Photographer

This field in South Utah County is so beautiful in the late summer. These pictures were taken in September. Unfortunately they are starting to build houses here so we might not have access to this location for much longer. There is another spot a bit higher but there is more walking to get there, and Im sure they will build there too. Every time I go back to this spot, the hole and dirt pile gets bigger and bigger! It makes me so sad.

As with any field, the ground is uneven, grass can be spikey in places and you will have to walk through tall grass and some hills. So if you pick this location, be aware of this for shoe choices. This area in South Utah County is easy to get to and you can park your car right next to it.

Late summer family photography

If you get late summer family pictures remember to dress in light clothing that you won't overheat in! Utah summers can get so hot and its important to keep those little's cool. Be sure to bring water to your session as well.

I love the Locke Family! These are just some of the beautiful pictures we got in a short mini family session. This location in south Utah county is convenient for anyone in Utah county or more south.

Mapleton Family Photographer - Utah Summer Family Pictures

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