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Family Pictures with your dog
Provo Utah Family Photographer

Big Springs is a great place for fall pictures, especially if you decide to bring your dog. The entire place looks amazing with fall colors! Its up the Provo Canyon and there are actually a few different places you can go. This spot is definitely my favorite! In the fall you will find beautiful colors on the mountains and tall golden grass.

Expect to walk up an uphill dirt path for about 5-10 minutes. This is not a recommended location for anyone who can't walk well, but is fine for kids. You might consider bringing a change of shoes if you are wearing heels.

Provo Family Pictures with your dog

If you're trying to decide if you should bring your dog to your utah family photography session, always bring your dog!! Even if we just do a few with them, and the rest without, you will not regret it! Don't worry, every dog is a little hyper because theyre so excited to be there in a new place with you. I'm used to it! If your dog can't obey commands such as sit and stay, then I will likely have you hold them, or if they are big we will do some sitting down. Gibby (shown below) was pretty good at listening, and I held his leash inbetween shots where he wasn't needed in the photos. And just look how happy he looks in these pictures!

Family Pictures with your dog - Provo Utah Family Photographer

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