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Spanish Fork Photography
Summer Maternity Photography

When Ana and Nick asked me to take their maternity pictures, I knew just the place! Recently, I found a hill in Spanish Fork Canyon that was absolutely stunning. The sunflowers were in full bloom during August when we visited and it made for some beautiful backdrops. You do have to walk up a hill for a few minutes but trust me - it's worth the effort! At the top of this location you can find cactus as well so if you bring kids up here, its important to warn them or keep your eye on them.

We had so much fun taking these maternity pictures at this amazing spot in Utah! We even managed to fit all of our shots into a 20 minute long mini session which was great because without other little kids, shoots can finish quickly. In addition to capturing lots of gorgeous shots with plenty of sunlight and flowers, we also got some really special moments between them both that will be cherished forever.

If you're looking for an incredible backdrop or want something different than your typical studio setting then consider checking out Spanish Fork Canyon - especially if you're planning on taking any kind of pregnancy photography session like Ana did with me recently!

Maternity photography isn't just about documenting the physical changes; it's about capturing the emotions, the love, and the anticipation that come with pregnancy. The sunflower fields offer endless opportunities for candid shots, where mothers can express their excitement and connection with their soon-to-arrive little ones. Whether it's a gentle touch of the belly or an intimate glance between partners, these moments are frozen in time through the lens.

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Spanish Fork Photography - Utah Summer Maternity Photography

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