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Spring Family Pictures

This field in Mapleton, Utah is so beautiful in the spring. These pictures were taken in May. Unfortunately they are starting to build houses here so we might get pushed out of this area. There is another one a bit higher but there is more walking to get there. Every time I go back to this spot, the hole and dirt pile gets bigger and bigger! It makes me so sad.

As with any field, the ground is uneven, grass can be spikey in places and you will have to walk through tall grass. So if you pick this location, be aware of this for shoe choices. Due to the small amount of walking through the field, any sandals or shoes would be fine but some people are more sensitive and need closed toe shoes. This area in Mapleton is easy to get to and you can park your car right next to it.

If you get spring family pictures done in this location, in the month of may specifically, you might be lucky enough to find these cute wile flowers in the field!

Mapleton Utah Photographer - Spring Family Pictures

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