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Tunnel Springs Salt Lake City
Utah Family Photographer

Tunnel Springs in Salt Lake City, Utah has really beautiful view of mountains across the valley, green rolling hills in the spring and summer, and fences. In the spring you can also find some yellow wild flowers. In the fall time, the grass turns gold and the green rolling hills turn gold and fill with fall foliage. Its such a beautiful place if you are near North Salt Lake.

If you are looking for Family Pictures, this is a great location from spring to fall. I've actually never shot here in Winter but I'm sure its gorgeous as well!

I take the Reed family's pictures twice a year and Ive been doing it for about 5 years now! I absolutely love when clients come back year after year and I get to see their family grow.

Don't you just LOVE Sara's dress?? Its so beautiful! You can find it on AMAZON in tons of colors here!

Tunnel Springs Salt Lake City - Utah Family Photographer

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