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Extended Family Photo Session

I love photographing Extended families! It's so fun to spend time with each individual family and give them each a mini session. Extended family photography sessions come with at least 2 big group shots, grandkids with and without grandparents, just grandparents, siblings shot, 5-10 minutes spent with each individual family to get a family shots, siblings shot and a parents shot. If time is leftover sometimes we do other special ones like all the girls/all the boys, etc.

This extended family photo session was done on the parent property, they have such pretty views! It was stormy at this session and pouring rain on my way there, but they were about 2 hours away from me so there was no turning around! Luckily when I arrived, it stopped raining, and there was a beautiful cloudy cover and ended up being perfect!

Utah County Extended Family Photographer

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