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This mapleton field is so beautiful in the morning or evening. It gets the prettiest light on the mountains either time! In the fall, the grass grows tall and you can find sunflowers here. In the spring it greens up a little on the mountains and theres some short green grass, and in summer the grass gets really tall and its such a unique look. These pictures were taken in June.

Mapleton Utah Family Photographer
Mapleton Utah Family Photographer
Mapleton Utah Family Photographer

I love the color pallet that Claire went with for her Mapleton, Utah Family Pictures. The neutrals and blues are always a good choice. She kept it lighter which really made such a light and airy vibe for the pictures. I love the jeans mixed with nicer tops, and the overalls their son is in is a linen material and it photographed so beautifully.

Mapleton Utah Family Photographer - Spring outfit colors

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