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Lifestyle and Product Photography
Whats the difference?

What is the difference between Lifestyle and Product Photography

Photography is always something every business needs. If you are selling something, whether its a product or service, you NEED photography! In a world where people scroll quickly through thousands of photos on Instagram, Etsy, Amazon, etc. people will be more drawn to your business and products if you can catch their eye and stand out above everyone else. Hiring someone with a creative eye is super important.

But when your photographer mentions terms like "lifestyle brand photography" or "product photography", what do they mean?

Product Photography: simple background, either completely white or colored, or a very simple set up such a plant on a countertop with a background with nothing else to distract from the product. These shots are perfect for making website storefronts cohesive, etsy, and amazon. Amazon requires a completely white background. Examples of that below for a Suave shoot with Robyn. (Styling by Robyn)

What is the difference between Lifestyle and Product Photography

Flat Lay Photography: Creative shots usually using other elements or special lighting intentionally put together in a way that is pleasing to the eye. These are perfect for secondary pictures on product pages on your website, instagram images, as creative headers on your website or holiday announcements and setups (like Easter themed pictures). I love to use these for background images with text over them as well. They also make great printed flyers or images to use at boutiques or popup shops.

Lifestyle Product Photography: Photographing your products used by models in real life situations. These are done within other people's homes or sometimes studios depending on the product. Examples are: people using lotion on their skin, or child's skin. Using rainboots to splash in puddles. Someone wearing jewelry. Using a kitchen tool in their kitchen while cooking. These images are seen as "relatable" by the consumer and allows them to imagine themselves using your products. These are great for secondary pictures on your product pages, static images throughout your website, Instagram posts, and printed images for boutiques or flyers. Examples of Lifestyle Brand Photos below. (Styling by Robyn)

What is the difference between Lifestyle and Product Photography

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