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Big Springs Engagements
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Big Springs is a great place for fall pictures. The entire park looks amazing with fall colors! Its up the Provo Canyon and there is a parking lot to park in. This field in particular took about 15-20 minutes of a slightly uphill walk to get to on a dirt path. It was a bit more walking than I thought. We had never been here before but I had seen pictures of it and knew it was somewhere in this area so we didn't know what to expect. I thought it would be a 5 minute or so walk but we just kept going and going. I would not suggest this location for families with young kids, very old members or those who have a hard time walking. This location is great for families with older kids who are able to walk a distance without getting too tired, brides who bring a pair of good walking shoes, or engaged couples!

This field was absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately by the time we got up there the sun had already gone behind the mountain but it was soo pretty and it stayed light for a while. There was only one other family there so we didn't have to worry about big crowds.

Provo Canyon Big Springs Engagement Couple Utah Photographer

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