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What are white background product pictures?

White background product shots are pictures with a completely white background. These are typically used for Amazon products, Etsy products, or other storefronts where you want a super clean look. You can also completely remove the white background and now you will have a transparent image to use over other graphics. Some of these images also make great background images for graphics with text on them.

What are simple background product pictures?

Simple background product shots are similar, but rather than having the background completely white, its just simple so the product stands out. This could mean the background is a solid color, blurred out, minimal or similar colors, etc. It really puts the focus directly on the product and not whats behind it or next to it. These are great for online-store-front businesses who want a simple and cohesive look to their shop.

Your business does not need to be located in the same area or even state as I am. You can simply mail your products to me, and I will do all the rest, from arranging the models, prepping your products, and booking the studio.

Simple and white backdrop product photography

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