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What are business head shots?

Business head shots are professionally taken pictures of yourself, either close up from chest to the top of the head, or more creatively whole body or other poses. They can be used for business cards, social media, email signatures, brochures, flyers, profile pictures and so many other things.

Who should get a business head shot?

Everyone! If you own any type of business, or work with a business, having a head shot will benefit you! I have done head shots for a company who provided them to all their employees, social media influencers, public speakers, authors, small business owners, doctors, nurses, dance instructors, and so many more!

Where do you take business head shots?

I have photographed business head shots in tons of different places. I have had companies hire me to take all their employee pictures, and in that case I go to their office, or studio, and find great lighting and take them within the office or studio, or outside against the side of the building. We typically do a couple of different backdrops so everyone can pick their favorite. I also have backdrops to bring for a solid background that can be set up within the office if the space is large enough. For smaller businesses or just one single person, I have gone to their homes and taken their pictures in their home office, done them in a studio, had them come to my home and done them on a plain backdrop or done them outdoors in a local park. The options are endless and we can pick the background based on your needs!

Do you also photograph teams or groups?

Yes! I have included one example below of the entire staff as a group to use on their website and other social media platforms. This is a great way to show your customers your friendly staff!

Business Head shot Photographer in utah

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