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Greenhouse Family Pictures
Utah County Extended Family Photographer

Unsure where to take your family pictures in Utah during the winter? I highly recommend a greenhouse! This extended family chose Shade Home and Garden Greenhouse in Orem, UT.

Not only does it keep you and your kids warm, which is a HUGE plus during the winter, but it also gives you that summery, green vibe you just can't find anywhere else. If I'm being honest, I like the greenhouses better than the studios! I just think they are so gorgeous.

Shade Home and Garden has a big venue area to rent out that is also used for weddings or other events. Then we were also able to use other parts of the greenhouse with all the plants. They had a cute couch set up in there, and lights from the ceiling and you just can't get that look anywhere else.

This was perfect for an extended family photo shoot because we were able to do all the big group shots in the venue space, then I took each individual family away from everyone else into the greenhouse area where we could have some privacy for their family pictures. That really helps the kids keep their attention on pictures, rather than watching their cousins run around and wishing they could do it too, which makes them less patient for pictures.

Greenhouse Utah County Extended Family Photographer

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