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Family Picture Outfit Inspiration
Neutral Color Palette

What to wear to your family photography session - family picture outfit inspiration for neutral colored family pictures

You can NEVER go wrong with a neutrals-only color palette. If the thought of mixing colors and patterns scares you, then stick with neutrals. Everyone has neutral colors for family pictures in their closet, and they are easy to find at the stores. Still unsure? I have you covered. Click the image above or the link below to go to my Amazon storefront where you can see links to everything in that picture!

I love neutrals like this for winter months. They also work great for fall. I added a lot of jackets and long sleeves in here because to me, this darker color palette screams colder months. For a more summer or springy vibe, just add more whites, creams, tans and light grey!

When you click on the picture, it will take you to an Amazon storefront where you can see all items to purchase. Make sure you click into clothing that you like, but might want a different color, as most of these items have tons of color options and can be swapped out with whichever color suits you best! There are a few I just couldn't decide which color or pattern to pull into the picture because there were multiple that were perfect!


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