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This location is found in American Fork Utah and is so perfect for family photography. It is easy to get to, right below a park. You will have to walk down a little dirt path but nothing too steep, although I would consider this too steep for anyone who isn't sturdy on their feet. There is a big field with lots of sage colored brush and trees. There is also a golden or green (depending on the time of year) field with the prettiest lighting.

I love this location for extended family pictures, since pretty much no one is ever here and the big field makes setting up a big group easy.

One of the most important parts of getting your family pictures done is what your family is wearing! Your outfits are sooo important and if they don't look right, your pictures won't either! Luckily, when you book a family session with me, you get access to my outfit guide, plus tips on how to make your family photography session go well! If you need any help with your outfits, let me know when booking! I also talk about how to coordinate bigger extended families as well.

These pictures were taken in June, so late spring/early fall. We still have green fields but also another smaller golden field. This family did a great job of coordinating their outfits together. They have a great neutral pallet with a few other colors such as peach, green and blue. The light colors really make everyone stand out, and I love how it all flows!

Hunter Park American Fork Extended Family Photographer in Utah
Hunter Park American Fork Extended Family Photographer in Utah

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