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Squaw Peak Flowers
Extended Family Photographer

This location in Provo Canyon is at the squaw peak parking lot. It has lots of parking, is easy to get to, and has stunning mountain backdrops. You do need to walk along a dirt path for a little bit.

These pictures were taken on a very cloudy day. Normally these exact shots would have the sun right in your face, so the clouds really helped here. On days that its sunny, we get a different mountain in the background, but when the flowers are blooming, its just stunning in every direction!

These pretty yellow flowers bloom in June, and typically stick around until sometime end of July. This spot isnt too crowded, so this is an amazing option for seasonal flowers without all the crowds that normal seasonal flowers have!

This was the perfect spot for this extended family. We were able to use the cute fence for layering everyone, and then we moved over to one other spot and got some more. This family did bring some stools as well for the big group shot, which really helps for laying people. I highly suggest bringing a few stools or a bench to your extended family photography session.

Provo Canyon Squaw Peak Extended Family Photographer
Provo Canyon Squaw Peak Extended Family Photographer

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