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Mapleton Family Photographer

This field in Mapleton, Utah has been one of my number one requested locations, and for great reasons! The light here is so stunning and the mountains and big rolling fields give your pictures that jaw-dropping backdrop.

There isn't too much walking required for this spot. You can park right off the road and walk into the field. We do walk a little ways to get past some of the taller weeds, but its only a few minutes. Some of the grass can be a little spikey, so closed toed shoes would be your best option for younger kids.

I would suggest bringing a blanket to sit on if you dont want to sit in the dirt, or I always have a few blankets I grab as well for you to use! I love doing sitting poses in this field and they are just as cute with a neutral colored blanket under you.

I love the outfits that Ashley picked out for her family pictures. The girls dresses are all so unique and go together SO well! I love how flowy they all are! They look so cute.

Mapleton Family Photographer
Mapleton Family Photographer

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