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Quiet Meadow Farm Wedding Venue
Utah Wedding Photographer

This venue in Mapleton, Utah is called Quiet Meadow Farm and it is one of the most charming wedding venues! As a wedding Photographer in Utah, I definitly approve! Its tucked up right next to the mountains, is so quiet and feels like you're the only one there, offers great views and the barn is just so cute. I love all the grassy areas and the orchard makes the perfect spot for pictures.

Megan and Jake were so fun to work with. I loved their connection. We did Megan's bridal pictures before the wedding, and Jake didn't come, so when she walked down the aisle it really was Jake's first time seeing her! I feel like that doesn't happen too often here in Utah, so when it does I always think its super special! Their wedding ended up being rainy, so rather than having their ceremony in the orchard, they had it on the porch. It was perfect! Everyone stayed dry but we were still outside.

Quiet Meadow Farm Mapleton Wedding Photographer
Quiet Meadow Farm Mapleton Wedding Photographer

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