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I first met Anna and Brian at their maternity session. Check out Anna's maternity session here. I was so happy to come to their home in Salt Lake, UT when their baby was born to photograph him! Look how sweet he is!!

I love photographing Newborns! I like to do them as in-home lifestyle newborn sessions. Let me explain what a lifestyle newborn session is! If you have well lit areas with natural light (big windows and not in a basement) then I will come to your house and photograph your family and new baby in the comfort of your home. What if you don't have a well-lit house? I would recommend doing them in a studio for an additional fee. Studios all over Utah have beds and couches to use, with huge windows so the lighting is amazing! Some even have baby beds and cute blankets to use.

Here are some tips to make your experience better:
1. Baby should be fed right before the session starts and fully burped, so that she will be as comfortable as possible during the shoot.
2. Gently wipe away any eye boogers or flaky skin with a wet, warm washcloth.
3. Declutter the areas you want to take pictures in.
4. Only choose 2-3 areas for pictures. The best places are typically your bedroom, nursery and livingroom. You don't need to limit it to that though, I've also done them in the hallway, kitchen, front porch, and kids bedrooms!
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I just love all these cute little newborns. I feel so lucky to have the job I have. How amazing is it that I get to photograph all these special times in people's lives! Having a baby is definitly a time to schedule pictures, even if this isn't your first baby! One of my favorite pictures of my two kids is one we got at my second's newborn session of the two of them together. It will forever be one of my favorites hanging in my hallway.

Tips for your in home lifestyle newborn photography session

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