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Payson LDS Temple

Temples have been difficult to shoot at since Covid, but luckily most utah temples have a spot outside of the gates to still get great pictures.

For this wedding, I never even went inside of the gates. We did all of their group pictures and bridals outside in the front of the gates and the pictures still turned out beautiful! It's definitly still worth it to hire a wedding photographer for your utah temple wedding because they will know how to still get awesome shots. I work very quickly inside the gates so we can get everything we need, and then more outside the gates too. In my experience though, the temple workers aren't really kicking anyone out at most temples so long as you are being respectful and not hanging around forever. They have the weddings so spread out that you don't really have a problem running into any other groups.

Payson Utah LDS Temple Wedding Photographer
Payson Utah LDS Temple Wedding Photographer

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