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Draper Utah Studio
Extended Family Photographer

This is the perfect studio for Extended Family Pictures. It has 2 big walls, and a big wall of windows. Some studios are smaller, and not accomodating to larger families but this one certainly is. I love the deep green color. Its so flattering and seems to match with everything. And if you don't like that color, the other side of the room is classic white.

This is for sure a place to consider for your extended family photography especially if you want them indoors.

During your extended family shoot, we get a few shots of everyone together, then I spend time with each individual family. I typically also get a parents shot and siblings shot for each family. If you would like more personalized photos, like individual pictures of each child, mom and kids, dad and kids, etc. then you should book a regular family session with me! I also love to get a grandparents shot with all the grandkids, and also one of just grandkids. If time allows and the family wants it, we can do things like all the women, and all the men. I also like to get an original siblings picture.

If you need an extended family photographer, I hope you will consder me! My editing style is true to color, natural, and won't go out of style!

Extended family Photographer

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