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Red Ledges Spanish Fork Utah
Utah County Family Photographer

This location is in Spanish Fork Canyon, up Diamond Fork called Red Ledges! It has beautiful red rock just like those found in St. George. The colors are so pretty and fun.

Red Ledges is less than 20 minutes up the canyon and offers a completely different look than anywhere else in Utah County. The ground is covered in sand, and in some areas its black sand, which will get everything dirty. If you are taking kids to this area, their shoes will get dirty.

This is a rock climbing area, so if you go on a weekend, you might see some rock climbers. At my last session it actually prevented us from taking pictures in a few of the areas. I didn't love that, but we found some other cute areas around to use instead.

There are trees around in the summer, but since these were taken in November and the majority of the background is red rock, its a great location before snowfall when everything is dead.

Red Ledges Spanish Fork Utah Family Photography

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