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Pine Hollow Trailhead

This is one of my very favorite spots to shoot in! I've only shot here during the fall but it would look great year round. The Hoggan family was so fun to be with. They were all so photogenic and happy, which always makes great pictures!

This location is Pine Hollow Trailhead, located 15 minutes up American Fork Canyon. You can find some amazing mountain views and dreamy lighting here! There are some nicely placed rocks for sitting pictures. Its important to note that this location IS a parking lot. We use the sides for shooting. If you are worried about your kids dashing into the parking lot, this is probably not a good location for you. However, I have shot families here with young kids and even with them occasionally wandering, its fairly easy to keep them in one spot! Its something to consider if you have a major runner.

Pine Hollow Trailhead American Fork Canyon - Utah Family Photographer

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