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Springville Main Street Photographer
Emily + Daniel

Springville Main Street is so charming. The Springville Museum of Art, old brick, murals, and cute flower pots make tons of spots for pictures!

This session was taken in August, so there were lots of green trees and flowers.

The museum does require a fee to shoot inside, and in their gardens. However they do not charge if you stay outside. So this is where we started, we honestly could have done the entire session here. Its so cute and the light is perfect. After this we drove further down and parked by Magelby's where we found the cafe that has the painted ivy mural. Across the street was a cute store front with windows and flowers, and on the side of that were 2 different kinds of brick. There are other areas you could use too, like old wood and cool stairs, and parks.

Springville Main Street Bridal Photographer

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