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Jolleys Ranch Hobble Creek Canyon

Jolley's Ranch in Hobble Creek Canyon is such a great location for any type of pictures. It features pine trees, which stay green all year round, a white barn, a white fence, and a big field with mountain views. There is also a cute spot by the river which you'll see in the pictures below. During fall its amazing, with tons of leaves and color. Because of the pine trees, mountains, and barn, this location is great year round.

It takes under 10 minutes to get to this location from the base of the canyon. You can park in the parking lot, and walk to most of the locations from there. The river is just up by the park, which if you keep driving you will see it and can park by that. Its also super close to walk to.

The area is grassy so its pretty easy to stay clean. The field would be your most dirty spot if you are worried about that, but its not bad.

These pictures were taken in middle of October during fall.

Mapleton Family Photographer - Jolleys Ranch Hobble Creek Canyon

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