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Rock Canyon
Provo Family Photographer

Before this shoot, I had only been to Rock Canyon 1 or 2 other times and I don't think I really realized all it had to offer until this shoot! Maybe it's because the other times I just stayed around the bridge and didn't venture out, which was really lame of me! I'm so glad I went back because I really love this location! The best part is, its right in Provo which seems to be a good central location for a lot of people! This would be a really great spot for engagements or a family too!

This location has a cute bridge, amazing fields with trees and sage bushes, and big tall rocky mountains in the background. It has a really unique look!

I have photographed the Bramwell's before but this time we just did the boys. At the very end we got some shots of the boys loving on mom because who DOESN'T want that picture?? Her boys are so cute.

Rock Canyon Provo Photographer

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