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Utah State Capitol Cherry Blossoms
Christiansen Family

The Utah State Capitol blossoms bloom sometime in April. The exact date is always different, but its usually the first weeks of April and lasts for a few weeks. The blossoms are easy to get to, you just park on the road and walk up to the Capitol Building. The walkway around is a dirt/gravel road lined with beautiful trees. This location is really popular during the blossoms and there are usually a lot of people here. This location also looks amazing in fall!

This area does have a travel fee.

We are coming up on Spring soon! Okay maybe not for a while but I can dream about these beautiful blossoms until they are here!!

I love to do mini sessions in this location because its the perfect amount of time. Its always so crowded here so to have 15-20 minute slots for family photography is great. This is a session from last years minis there. I only offer mini family sessions a few times a year and I announce them beforehand on instagram, so go follow me at JenissePhotography if you aren't already to know when they are coming!

And helloooooooooo these twins are dream boats and their sister is just an angel straight from heaven. Okay I might also personally know this family so maybe I'm a tiny bit bias ;) but they ARE cute.

Utah State Capitol Cherry Blossoms Family Photographer

I also have to mention that some moms leave family sessions so sad thinking we really got NOTHING. Its my favorite thing in the world when I send them a gallery full of beautiful images and I get a message back saying they can't believe I got so many good ones when it seemed like their kids were crying the whole time. That happened this session! How do I get pictures when things aren't going great, babies are crying, toddlers aren't smiling and mom is flustered? We roll with the punches, let them run and play and we get a lot of candid shots :) Oh and bribes. Lots of bribes!

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