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Salmon Family
Mona Young Living Lavender Farm

I love shooting at Young Living Lavender Farms in Mona, UT. Its so beautiful. I used to go right at sunset and the colors were all pink and purple and it was literally DREAMY. Now they don't allow you to be there past 8pm so its a little too early for the sunset, BUT look how pretty the pictures still are! I just love this place! Its another good one for mini sessions because you dont move around a lot so you can get a lot of pictures done in a short amount of time. They do charge a fee to shoot there and a lot of times you have to book your spot early in the year, like January or February because they sell out!

Also can you see Capri's AMAZING Unicorn outfit???? That girl is a hoot.

Mona Lavender Field Family Photographer
Mona Lavender Field Family Photographer

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