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Alpine Poppy Field Photography

The Alpine Poppy field is so stunning when in full bloom. It is also an amazing location when the poppies are gone. The field is located behind new homes being built, and its possible that we won't have access to this field for much longer for photography. To get to this location, you can park on the road above and you will have to walk down a short but steep dirt trail, and then along a dirt/rocky trail to the fields. During the poppy season which is the end of May, beginning of June, this location is incredibly crowded. Its almost impossible to find a spot without people in the background. (this is where photoshop comes in handy!) This location is best when there is no snow on the ground, any time between spring and late fall.

I love the poppy fields in Alpine! They are on of my all-time favorite flower spots and it makes me so sad that they are only around for a few weeks. The time to take pictures here is end of May to beginning of June and you really have to watch them closely because sometimes they come earlier or later than expected! Look how beautiful they are!
This is a great place for any type of pictures but I do love shooting families here because the little kids next to the tall flowers are just dreamy.
If you go here, PLEASE be respectful and do not step on the flowers. Every year there are less and less because people are trampling and stealing them. Soon there won't be any left :(

Alpine Poppy Field Family Photographer
Alpine Poppy Field Family Photographer

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