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Big Cottonwood Canyon
Utah Family Photographer

Jordan Pines looks good all year round. This location is about 15-20 minutes up from the bottom of Big Cottonwood Canyon. Its right off the side of the road and you can park in the big parking lot. You do have to walk down to the areas, because cars are not allowed to park on the street past the gates. There are some areas where walking on the dirt paths, and up small hills will be necessary to get to certain locations. During certain times of the year, this location can be very crowded. Since its such a large area, its easy to find spots without people around.

There are NO dogs allowed in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

I do charge a travel fee to this area, because its it further than the 30 mile radius from my house.
Jordan Pines is up Big Cottonwood Canyon and it's beautiful all year round. Here are some pictures from a family session in the summer when wild flowers can be found! Its so pretty when these are around. This area doesnt have as many wild flowers as Alta but its a lot less busy! They also bloom a little earlier so its fun to see some early flowers.

Big Cottonwood Canyon Jordan Pines Family Photographer
Big Cottonwood Canyon Jordan Pines Family Photographer

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