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Burr Family
Utah Studio Photographer

This studio in Utah is one of my favorite go-to places when weather takes a turn for the worst and we are left with two options: reschedule or move it indoors! Its also an awesome option for those with small children who like to run away - I have had families choose a studio just to keep their kids contained into one room, and not have to worry about the stress of them running off (Because who doesnt love exploring?) Now their kids can still explore but you don't have to chase.

This studio is my favorite I have shot at. The windows are beautiful and not only create amazing light, but look stunning in photographs. The huge deep green wall looks good with everyone, and the solid white is always a must. There are couches, chairs, rugs and a bed to mix up every shoot so it doesnt feel "boring".

If you like clean, modern images, this is definitly an option! Studios create timless images that your family can look back in 10 years and still think they look great.

Utah Studio Family Photographer
Utah Studio Family Photography
Draper Utah Studio Photographer

This studio is located in Draper, UT. I have also shot at others around Utah county but so far this one is still my favorite. Be aware that choosing a studio will add on a location fee to rent, but sometimes its just worth it!

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