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Smith Family
Mona Lavender Field Photographer

Mona Lavender Fields are amazing!! Its super bright, but I love shooting at them. They charge a $50 fee to shoot here, for a 2 hour slot. Most of the time this can be split between 2 families or more but only if scheduling allows. They are really easy to access. You can drive up the dirt road into the fields and then walk into the field. It is dirt, so its possible for kids, or wedding dresses, to get dirty.

They have become really strict about when you can be there. When I took the pictures below, it was right before sunset. Now they wont let you come that late, and there are security guards making sure you dont!

I love taking the Smith's Family Portraits! Naomi is so good at putting together outfits and we always go to the most beautiful places. The Mona Lavender Fields is on of my very favorite places to shoot so when she mentioned she wanted to go there I got so excited! I dont go often because its pretty far, but every time I'm there its just heaven. Look at this place! And notice Naomi's beautiful white dress straight from Italy. Just stunning.

The Lavender Fields are only available for shooting mid-June to beginning of July. A very short time! Make sure you book a couple of months in advance for this spot because it fills quickly!

Mona Lavender Field Family Photographer

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