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Hunt Family
Tibble Fork Family Photographer

Tibble Fork is by far my most requested location to shoot at. I'm sure its also on the top of other photographers lists too, which is why its usually always crowded. In the summer it takes a LOT of photoshop work to remove all the people who are playing in the lake. In the winter, its a lot of sledders and ice fishers! Its so beautiful though.

It takes about 15 minutes to get to this location from the base of the canyon. There is a $6 entrance fee per car. You can park in the parking lot, and from there walk to each spot. There are tons of locations to shoot at here, so even when its crowded, you can find places to go. On one side of the lake there are tall trees that give a woodsy look. On the other side you have pretty mountain and lake views. There is a field, and fence. You can also do some down by the water or further up the road there is just field and views of mountains without the lake and without the people! There is also a spot with birch trees. Literally everything you could ever want is at this location haha!

The Hunt family was so cute! I loved photographing them. This is also my favorite location! Its so beautiful, especially this time of year when the lake looks so vibrant and everything is starting to green up. I love this area because there is a good variety of beautiful mountain backdrop with the pretty emeral lake, and also a field area with a fence!

American Fork Tibble Fork Utah Bridal Photographer
American Fork Tibble Fork Utah Bridal Photographer

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