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Ali + Nate
Draper Bridal Photographer

This field, located at Potato Hill in Draper, is beautiful in the summer and fall. There are really pretty views of salt lake county and even an amazing view of the draper temple. You can park in the parking lot, and easily walk to any spot on the dirt path. There are also some spots right next to the parking lot that have a wood fence.

Ali and Nate were married a year ago, but didnt love the way their pictures turned out. What an awesome 1 year anniversary celebration, getting some wedding pictures you like!

They chose a beautiful location in Draper where you can see the temple in the background. It also has safe brush fields, an incredible city view and some cool rocks! A lot of variety in this small area. During this time, there were also some pretty blue and white flowers.

Draper Utah Bridal Photographer
Draper Utah Bridal Photographer

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