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Danielle's Bridals
Thanksgiving Point Garden Bridals

Thanksgiving point Aston gardens is an amazing place to take pictures. There is a fee to shoot here is $100, but you can get a discount if you are a thanksgiving point member. You also have to pay for regular garden admission for every person entering. It can add up quickly if you are not a thanksgiving point member. The absolute best way to shoot here is by renting a golf cart. There is just no way its possible to get to the best spots by walking, especially with a bride or kids. The cost of the golf cart is always 100% worth it. The gardens are so huge, and you should know beforehand that its best to choose your top 3-4 favorite locations to shoot at. Without purchasing extra shooting time, its just too big to get all the spots! Depending on the time of year, it can be very crowded, especially during the tulip festival. This location is best when things are in bloom. I have personally never shot here in the winter so Im not sure how it would be. There are NO dogs allowed in the Ashton Gardens.

I first met Danielle when I photographed her sisters wedding a couple months before! All the sisters are so cute! Danielle chose Thanksgiving Point Gardens for her bridals, which I was excited about because I don't shoot here too often. We went right before tulip festival so there aren't too many flowers but look how gorgeous everything still is! Thanksgiving Point does charge a fee to shoot there, but I think it can definitely be worth it! There are so many different places to go and everywhere is kept so beautiful.

Thanksgiving Point Bridal Photography
Thanksgiving Point Bridal Photography

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