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April 19, 2017 Photography

The Utah State Capitol blossoms bloom sometime in April/May. The exact date is always different, but its usually the last weeks of April and sometimes into early May. The blossoms are easy to get to, you just park on the road and walk up to the Capitol Building. The walkway around is a dirt/gravel road lined with beautiful trees. This location is really popular during the blossoms and there are usually a lot of people here. This location also looks amazing in fall!

This area does have a travel fee.

I missed the orchard blooms this year and I'm super sad about it. At least I got some good shots at the Utah State Capitol Building because I love the mix of bright white and soft pink blooms here.

Josh and Mary were so great at their Engagement Session. A little shy at first but it doesn't take long to get people to warm up!

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