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Provo Canyon Extended Family Photographer Hymas Family

February 28, 2021 Photography

This spot in Provo Canyon is pretty easy to get to, and is really close to the mouth so it's not a far drive. Its up the road to the Squaw Peak overlook, and is just a little hill turnoff on the way. It probably takes 5-10 minutes to get to from the bottom of the canyon. There is a little dirt hill to walk up. You have to go right before sunset because the big mountains will stay bright until the sun goes all the way down, or if its cloudy.

I have taken the Hymas's extended family pictures a few times before, and I always love the locations we go with. This one was so fun to shoot at because it was new for me!

Provo Canyon Extended Family Photographer

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Godfrey Family Salamander Flat Family Photographer

February 24, 2021 Photography

I was so happy to see the Godfrey family again. Little Hank is seriously the best. He has the cutest personality and loves his mom and dad sooo much.

This spot in American Fork Canyon, Utah at Salamander Flat is one of the best places to shoot during fall. It mostly turns yellow but the colors are just so vibrant. During late fall they all turn this amazing bright orange that I've never seen anywhere else!

This spot is about 20-25 minutes up the canyon. You will have to walk on dirt paths that can get your feet and shoes dirty if you are not careful (Or if youre a kid!)

Salamander Flat is a great location during fall, (or during summer!) for family pictures. I would love to be your family photographer! If you are located in Utah county or Salt lake county, contact me to take your family pictures!

Salamander Flat Fall Family Photographer

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In Home Lifestyle Photographer Spanish Fork Newborn Photography

February 22, 2021 Photography

Did you know I also offer in-home lifestyle newborn sessions? This is the only way I photograph newborns. Let me explain what a lifestyle newborn session is! If you have well lit areas with natural light (big windows and not in a basement) then I will come to your house and photograph your family and new baby in the comfort of your home. What if you don't have a well-lit house? I would recommend doing them in a studio for an additional fee. Studios all over Utah have beds and couches to use, with huge windows so the lighting is amazing! Some even have baby beds and cute blankets to use.

Here are 2 tips to make your experience better:
1. Declutter the areas you want to take pictures in.
2. Only choose 2-3 areas for pictures. The best places are typically your bedroom, nursery and livingroom. You don't need to limit it to that though, I've also done them in the hallway, kitchen, front porch, and kids bedrooms!


With lifestyle sessions, the posing is limited, which explains the name! It's supposed to be you and your family in your natural lifestyle. I do like to do posed shots on the bed or couch, but also love candid shots looking at and holding baby. The posing for baby is limited, too. I mostly swaddle and lay them on a blanket. Its pretty rare for a lifestyle session to have extensive posing like you would find in a newborn studio. If you want all those super cute bum-in-air, lots of props, head on hands poses, I would highly recommend finding a skilled newborn photographer! Safety of your newborn is of the utmost importance and finding someone who knows how to be SAFE is incredibly important.

I met Ashlee and Joey when I photographed their engagements, bridals, salt lake temple wedding and reception. I love them so much! They were sooooo fun to be around and I was thrilled to find out Ashlee was pregnant, and even more thrilled when she asked me to photograph their baby!

Spanish Fork In Home Lifestyle Newborn Photographer
Spanish Fork In Home Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

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Abbie + Hunter Provo Bridal Photographer

February 21, 2021 Photography

Ok this location is just stunning. You are right up against the mountains and its soooo pretty. If you go right before sunset you can catch the prettiest light and colors. I love the tall jagged rocks in this little rock canyon in Provo, UT.

I was so happy to take Abbie and Hunters bridal pictures here. I also photographed Abbie's sister's wedding a few years ago. It was so fun to see her again and meet abbie.

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If you are looking for a bridal photographer in Utah, I would love to be considered. I love capturing love, and my favorite thing to photograph is bridals! I have tons of locations to show you to choose from and Rock Canyon in Provo is definitly one of my favorites! If you are a Provo bride this just might be the perfect place for your bridal photography.

Provo Rock Canyon Bridal Photographer

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Theler Family Utah Fall Family Photographer

February 20, 2021 Photography

Tibble Fork doesn't have a ton of fall color in the autumn months, but it has enough to get the colors people are looking for! What's fun about Tibble fork reservoir in the fall is that you can do half of your session with the colors, and half of them by the lake with the classic emerald greens and pines to get a good mix!

I love the Theler family! They used to be my neighbors and Marissa has become a wonderful friend to me. I was so excited when she asked if I would take their family pictures. She was really worried about not getting a good shot of them all and when I sent her the gallery she said she loved them so much! I am always so happy to hear that.

Utah Fall Family Photographer
Utah Fall Family Photographer

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