Alex + Cam's Maternity Photo Shoot Big Cottonwood Canyon Jordan Pines

February 3, 2020 Photography

This maternity shoot with Alex + Cam was so fun. The weather was perfect and I loved that they brought their ultrasound.

Marissa + Barrett Provo Canyon Engagement Photographer

January 26, 2020 Photography

I don't go up Provo Canyon a lot but there are some really beautiful spots up there. This is one of my favorites.

Winter Engagements Utah Engagement Photographer

February 5, 2017 Photography

My top favorite location in the winter! Its so beautiful with tall pine trees that are almost always lightly covered in snow. And it always helps to have an amazing couple to photograph too!

Heidi + Kimball Albion Basin Bridal Photographer

September 19, 2016 Photography

I love the wild flowers at Albion Basin when they are in bloom! And this cute couple makes it so much better.